Matter of Survival

Vietnam 1968 (my pops)

I have come to realize when danger stares you in the face – stare right through. Do not blink- Do not hesitate. The moment you show weakness, is the most critical moment of your life. You either give fear the power to dictate your fate, or allow yourself  to utilize the most powerful armor- self control. Self-control outweighs any type of tactical swat gear.  Self-control encompasses patience, vigilance, and the wisdom to prevent yourself from using too much caution.

Regardless the type of struggle you are facing, a struggle is a struggle. Pain, is pain. Never compare your hardships or struggles to that of another individual. The pain you are feeling is real – That justifies your feelings and the fact your struggle is indeed significant, and should not be minimized. Once you’ve minimized  your hardships, they become buried beyond the point of recognition. Never stand idle and allow your fears to infiltrate your mind.
No fear- no pain is ever to small to overtake a man and seal one’s fate.


The title of this post was inspired by Chris Noel.

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