tour·ist (trst) n. One who travels for pleasure.

tour·ist (trst)
How many tourists have come and gone in your life? Or has there been one particular tourist whom you keep allowing to check-in? I suppose you could send a damage bill. However, were there any regulatory measures established? Now, you may certainly elect to ban this tourist, or you could request a security deposit upon their next arrival.

The beauty of tourism is simply pleasure! No responsibilities, no commitments. You will experience the best weather, the best part of town, the best food, simply the best of everything. From the moment you arrive, you are in a continual state of bliss! Why would anyone leave? Well my dears, the idea traveling for pleasure is indeed a great idea. Every tourist knows there are many other great destinations. Why settle in Maui, when you can travel to Antigua or to Paris next week? – More often than not people eventually nest in an area they once roamed as a tourist, and they realize after a week- it was all an illusion. It is funny people forget that they must make their own bed, they must take out their own trash, they must prepare their own meals, they must shovel their own snow… The grass does not stay green year round, and the sun certainly does not shine for the weeks you plan it to. Honestly, I can not think of one good reason why anyone would settle!
I will say this… For those of you who harbor an abundance of sentimental feelings and stare at bananas hoping to finally see the brown spots form – Stare at fucking peaches, or try to drink the rain. (Honestly, that is your life; it’s your business, not mine! I am not going to tell you what to do.) The point is – THIS -When your finances start to dwindle, you will not be able to check-in to the most luxurious resorts. When your health declines, and youth starts to fade, you will still have room-service…When you decide you want to retire early and live off of twinkles and beer, there will always be a motel6..

I am not a tourist, and I am certainly not The Four Seasons. When the love is right, I would rather live with a man throughout his dealings with some extra weight, baldness, ED..(just saying..we are human..shit happens!), than a tourist. Simply because that man will think twice before checking out.

Men, women – We are all quite simple. The greatest revelation is the grace adorned to one who has swallowed their pride. Simply a true testament that of a genuine counterpart. – yours truly

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8 thoughts on “tour·ist (trst) n. One who travels for pleasure.

  1. As someone who suffers from aviophobia, I must say that this article was a most intriguing read. I particularly liked the bananas/peaches analogy although I’d rather enjoy the succulence of nectars from Nantucket. Perhaps some people settle for the same reasons I don’t get on airplanes. F-E-A-R There’s always the fear of turbulence, going down in a fiery wreck, or dying next to that annoying tourist who’s the poster child for post-nasal drip and bad Hawaiian t-shirts.

    Let me also state that I am not a tourist (I actually uttered that in Nixon’s, “I am not a crook” voice) , but I’ll always have that one trip to a remote training camp in Pakistan. But that my friends is another story for another time. Thanks for sharing your life experiences. I’m looking forward to your next post.

  2. There are some of us who accept the inevitability of the tourist. Despite, one’s best efforts to create an environment worth exploring and appreciating, it seems that the occasional tourist may be the best one can expect. Perhaps the decor, the energy, and the itinerary at the destination in question was best suited for another time and place. Perhaps its eccentricity is beyond the comprehension of the average tourist. Perhaps the world is a tragic, complicated place and many things of substance and beauty go unnoticed. Perhaps there is something to be gained from watching tourists come and go enjoying themselves and sharing a brief moment with each of them and hearing their stories as they inevitably depart for brighter shores.

  3. It must have been tough always living in the shadow of the other 2 girls in Wilson Phillips. One got publicity for marrying a Baldwin ,while the other stole your press while shedding her fat suit. I sympathize with you.

  4. haha! i just saw this now! did i ever tell you’re my hero…you’re everything i would like to be…i can fly higher than an eagle…you are the wind beneath my wings…FLYYYYYY


  5. this is so true…everything seems perfect at first…till you get to know someone!
    is that you in the first photo? where was it taken? i wish i was there!!!

  6. I take back my other comment. This is my favorite post! Your level of intellect and beauty is truly unrivaled. I told you I would keep saying this!

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