A friend had sent me some godawful link to a photo expressing anti-constitutional propaganda along with a slew of anti-American and self-loathing American views and sentiments. I came across the following comment below in “quotations”. I do not feel it could have been said any better. I did not include this individual’s name. In the event this individual should come across this page, you may contact me and lay claim to your comment and I shall proceed to properly cite you. However, if you expect me to do some MLA or APA bullshit, that is not going to happen. All that will appear is     –  Your name  followed by the closing quotation mark.

The individual made this comment after someone made a statement how an American moved to Germany, and refuses to move back to America because he is ashamed of his country and does not feel his country is safe… Now, that is not verbatim, but it is similarly close.

This is another one of my blog posts where I must reference ”Hail to the chief”. It begins playing now:

“If someone would rather stay in Germany than come back to America, I’d encourage them to do so, even going as far as to renounce their citizenship so they never have to return. As a US veteran I don’t get offended when citizens share how much they hate America. I’m proud to have contributed in a small way to protecting their right to say whatever they want. There are plenty of countries that also protect those rights. I commend you for your courage to leave and I would encourage anyone with similar feelings to follow suit. Really, it’s ok. We’ll be fine.”


Thank you for your service and dedication to protecting the freedom of this country- May this statement extend to all Veterans of the past, of the present, and of the future.  GOD BLESS AMERICA! (For those extreme extreme extreme liberal fucks – my apologies- please refer to GOD HELP AMERICA or just HELP AMERICA..? Oh and to the extreme extreme conservative wackos please just stop procreating you are just as bad. )

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6 thoughts on “THANK YOU

  1. Bravo! Bravo! I love how some people, with absolutely no skin in the game, can say they hate america and threaten to move to other countries. Reading this kind of stuff while Im at work is not good.

    Deep breaths…

  2. Just three little words for you Sam, GOD BLESS AMERICA! And to all that have and do serve, THANK YOU!

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