708 Magazine – Spring 2014 – TOOTSIE


Yes – There was a TOOTSIE reference in my interview…amongst other references. I pasted the interview and attached images from the actual magazine:

708 CRUSH – SAMANTHA D’GIFF – 708 MAGAZINE INTERVIEW SPRING 2014 – Photographer Joey Wright

Meet Samantha, She’s funny a complete sweetheart and outrageously beautiful.

Name three things you can’t live without.
Music, water, and whatever it is deep inside that enables me to humor myself on long drives.

What’s the best pickup line you’ve ever heard?
“Hey do you wanna go back to my place” – I appreciated the directness.

What’s the worst pickup line you’ve ever heard?
“I can tell you’re not like the others. You look smart.” – IDIOTS!

What’s the best song on your phone?
A live version of “Sultans of Swing” (Alchemy: Dire Straits Live). The last 7 minutes of that song = greatest moments of my life!

Name something overrated or underrated.
Overrated (or soon to be) paleo diets. Underrated – A nice good ol’ healthy portion of baked ziti.

Guy crush.
Professor Snape (Harry Potter). Something about the short black hair does it for me.

Girl Crush.
Dorothy Michaels. Does that count?

Turn ons? Turn offs?
Turn ons – humility and arm hair. Turn offs – hubris and shaved arms.

Do you have any secret talents?
I do a lot of random voices. I have a character that I’m in the process of developing named “Morti Weinberg”.

If you could be a character from any movie for one day, who would it be?
I would love to be Joe Pesci’s character Nicky from “Casino” for so many unhealthy reasons…

Guilty pleasure?
Rocking out in my car to “How can we be lovers” by the Bolton. Towards the end of the song after he says “how can we be lovers” then “can’t be friends…”, that “OOOOOOOO!!” following it…I am like in my glory rocking out! In all honesty, I do not consider it a guilty pleasure. I am very open about my Bolton enthusiasm, and quite proud.

What’s the sexiest thing a guy can wear?
Anything that does not involve a large amount of time and thought.

What part of your body do you love the most?
Come on now! When you are such a stallion like myself, you can’t narrow it down to just one part! Although, my nail beds are quite a blessing. The size creates an illusion that I have long nails, even when they are cut really short.

People always tell me…
I should keep my mouth shut! I never keep my mouth shut.

I love it when…
People have no idea what to make of me. I truly enjoy making other people uncomfortable.

Whenever I see…
“A funeral parlor” I think of the Jerky Boys.

Whenever I hear…
“You should” I just tune the rest out.

I’d be embarrassed if…
If I engaged in behavior such as posting images on Twitter/Instagram, “This is me with no makeup” “no filter”. I don’t understand why women do this, especially models. I mean, you are a model. One could only assume you look good without makeup. Too much…

On a Friday night I’m usually…
Home working on my music and writing.

What makes you feel sexy?
When other women give me dirty looks or ignore me. That’s when I know I’m looking mighty fine!






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  1. You said : “On a Friday night I’m usually…
    Home working on my music and writing.”

    We are still waiting for more blog posts…..Where are they?

  2. An interesting discussion is worth comment. I think that you should write more on this topic, it might not be a taboo subject but generally people are not enough to speak on such topics. To the next. Cheers

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