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who_is_the_woman_in_justin_biebers_lifeBeeb’s video impersonation upon request –

The only thing more sad than the news medias excessive coverage/stalking of Justin Bieber is the millions of people that have an opinion regarding his personal affairs. My opinion on Justin Bieber the
Singer-songwriter, actor, dancer, multi instrumentalist (guitar, piano, drums), winner of multiple Grammy awards and other various music awards and a Canadian Fragrance award—
I’d bet my life The Flatulence expelled from his anus has more talent than the millions of naysayers against him. Oh, and he has great hair!

It amazes me how the public is so concerned about Justin Bieber’s actions when you have young men like these walking the streets:

Brandon Machetto, 18, was charged with first-degree murder and is being held in jail without bond. Killed his grandmother in a bloody struggle inside her home at a nudist community and then drove around with her body in a minivan for nearly five hours, authorities said.

Tyler Hadley, who bludgeoned his parents with a hammer, is sentenced to two life sentences for the double murders.

Grandfather, 69, shot dead after opening door for 20-year-old man, Devon Derrick Parker,  who said he was being pursued by men with baseball bats
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Vincent Parker,Virginia teen admits to killing parents for taking his iPod

The three suspects detained in the attack in Uttar Pradesh state are cousins in their 20s from an extended family-India arrests 3rd suspect in gang rape of 2 teens


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4 thoughts on “Beeb’s Video

  1. Agreed. His recent “fight” was hardly violent nor news, but yet it has more coverage than the events you listed. Enjoyed the video!

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