A lesson for the Strong

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If there is anything I have learned from “friendships” I’ve had in the past, it is that once you recognize those for what they truly are and not what they appear to be …you will ultimately be free.


I suppressed my intolerance in effort to offer my patience.
I suppressed my pain in effort to offer my support.
I suppressed my truth in effort to offer my loyalty.

I have given to those who are blinded by their own vanity – blinded by envy and jealously.
They begrudge me for offering a hand and they see to praise those who turn their backs.

I am a fool for I expect those who cannot respect themselves to respect me.
I am a fool for I believe in those who refuse to try.
I am a fool for I comfort those who take joy in my suffering.

I’ve no desire to crash and burn with you – I only desire to learn and grow with you. That is the difference between you and I.

The brighter I shine you start to melt away.
Now I’ve succumb to my intolerance, surrendered to my pain, and have now recognized my truth.
As my light continues to shine all you’ve tried to hide has now been revealed.
All of my senses once suppressed have now been restored.
Well I’ll be damned….You are a pile of shit.


© S. D’Giff  2015

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