Healthy Shiny Hair!

I have been receiving many compliments lately on my hair. I have been using the Oscar Blandi Vivid Clear Shine Glaze and it has done wonders! I rarely write about products, however I had to mention this being it lives up to it’s expectations and a lot of people have been asking me what products I use.

I do one treatment each month and then mix it with my conditioner during the week 3-4 times for maintenance. If you are going to be filming video or doing a photo shoot, I definitely recommend doing a treatment the day or night before. I recently shot some promotional photos for my website with photographer Kade Lam and posted a few on my Instagram Oscar Blandi Hair Care re-posted my photo which was pretty cool!

I’ve also been loving to other hair products lately as well! Tea Tree Special Shampoo by Paul Mitchell and the Intense Hydrating Mask by Moroccanoil. What I love most about the Tea Tree Special Shampoo is that it does not strip the shine from the Oscar Blandi glaze and it is color safe! Another benefit is it reduces the inflammation of my scalp. I have noticed less flakes and dandruff.

Now the Intense Hydrating Mask by Moroccanoil is a bit tricky..I say this because depending on the way I apply it determines whether the outcome is good or bad. I have naturally curly hair and I typically blow out my hair 3 times a week and often use either a curling iron or flat iron, so the mask actually restores the bounce to my curls and my hair looks and feels as if it never touched an iron! The mask however is very heavy. Now they do sell a lite version that I’ve tried but I did not have the same results. It did not do much for my hair to be quite honest. The original mask is the magic mask! I find the best results when I sleep with it overnight. The down side to this, for me, is that I have very hypersensitive skin and I break out from the conditioner. I usually wake up with tiny pimples on my forehead or cheek depending on how I sleep. Lately I have been sleeping on my back to avoid this. Another downside is even in the shower when I rinse the conditioner the product falls down my shoulders and back and sometimes on my chest as well as my face. I always get a few pimples on my shoulders after using the mask as well as my face. Thankfully these pimples go away after a couple days and are not extremely large. They are usually tiny pimples and I have found Benedryl actually helps a great deal! Now, I would never go through freakin’ hell if the product did not in turn have amazing results. Everyone reacts different to all types of products, so I encourage everyone to try this even if you are hypersensitive as well. It is quite possible you may not even have any issues at all! I am just a freak and even breakout from my own pillow case if I do not change it each night. Yes, I change my pillow case each night!

Anyway, back to the mask…Another major issue I have with this product is that it inflames my scalp and it starts to get scaly and flake. So, what I do now is I apply it very carefully to the hair nearest to my scalp, then I just douse my ends in it. At first I thought it was just the product that was flaking, but it turns out it was actually my scalp not remanence of the product.

If you had any doubt of me being paid or given free product to write about these products, I am sure by now you can say with certainty I am not – ha. I will give you the good the bad and the ugly of all my experiences!

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6 thoughts on “Healthy Shiny Hair!

  1. I have the same problem with the mask every time I use it. I don’t know if you tried but I now use the Pureology mask. I have not had any problems with it and it is so good!

  2. You are willing to go through the agony of having an inflamed scalp and taking benedryl for this hair mask you speak of? The things women do!

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