It’s Amazing How “pumped up kicks”

It is AMAZING how you can see the “light” at the end of the tunnel”, once you get out of your own head. Even when the disquietude reigns throughout your mind, that one tiny moment is enough to enable you to believe that there is light- even when you can’t see it.

Before you tell the world to “f*ck off”, consider telling yourself to “f*ck off”. Do not allow yourself to remain a casualty of your own mind.

It is AMAZING how losing a simple game of chess, and writing a few songs has enlightened me in a bittersweet way. I’ve now become forced to accept the answers I’ve been seeking my whole life are within letting go of the question itself. (or questions)
I hope you can take what you can from this. If not, you can always give me shit..

F*** me..f*** you.. touché motherf**ker!

trash day



the trash piles up day after day – once it begins to overflow you take it out immediately – dispose of garbage all throughout the day – dispose of it so quickly – alone in a can so that it can not infiltrate the purity of the air – it is so easy to recognize waste…you can see it, smell it, taste it…and feel it..
oh, you can even think and or speak it. where does all that trash go once you believe it?



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