I just got back from a lovely trip to Omaha, Nebraska! I certainly did not expect the atmosphere nor the environment of which I developed an uncanny fondness towards. In all honesty, I expected corn fields, and my nights to be somewhat akin to scenes in “Deliverance”, or “Children of the Corn”. Quite assuredly would that have made a delectable anecdote, for you all. However, adversely traumatic for myself. I feel compelled to report that I did not encounter any children in argyle vests, nor hear the sound of dueling banjos throughout my stay.

All jest aside, I really enjoyed my time spent in Omaha. I met some amazing people, who are extremely dedicated and hard-working individuals. It is very inspiring to be amongst a “Team” that exemplifies strong work ethic and harmonious interaction. I feel it is a huge part of what motivates me to go beyond 100%, 110%- and then some. Otherwise, I will only give 100% and call it a day.

I have to admit that I had the best birthday ever in a long time! I celebrated my birthday on the 17th of September (again as usual), in a beautiful deep sleep after a lovely meal of sushi and an abundance of these really soft sugar cookies from Walgreens. Those cookies were phenomenal! The cookies aroused sensations in my mouth I never knew existed. I would rank them far beyond cheesecake, but I have had many wonderful years of cheesecake, and I have grown far to partial towards it, to give up it’s number one spot.

minorwhite studios
Great face in time for Halloween mask samples!
Hotel Deco is pretty interesting!
Filming commercial

Shout out to all the amazing team I worked with in Omaha: Michael Lang, Corey Hart, Ben Drickey, Scott Drickey, Kyle Wullschleger, Kelly Herrington, Mason Kenton, Amy Lechtenberg, Dylan Adams, and the incomparable soy beans and Ann Luchsinger.