Hello. I was born in the United States and I am fluent in Klingon. I enjoy adventurous activities such as experimenting with new Rooibos Tea blends. My adventures extend to playing blindfolded chess, and drinking the rain. (I am proud to say that I have managed to catch approximately a 1/16 cup of rain in my mouth.) Furthermore, I enjoy a good game of Balderdash while indulging in tea biscuits and strawberry water that I create with my water infuser.

I am also an esteemed alumni member of the Advanced Dungeon and Dragons Unisex League which is part of an institution that uses Klingon as the official language. I do not like small children, nor do I like small animals other than animals belonging to the family of the Sciurdae. Oh, and I must note I am partial to chipmunks. Squirrels are rather rude and obnoxious at times.